Delivery lead time and average production time


Goods can be obtained:

  • with delivery (paid and free shipping options are described below);
  • get to us at our office in Alūksne

Delivery prices

The fixed minimum shipping fee in Latvia is 2.59 € which is determined by StickerShopNET. Outside Latvia, the fixed minimum delivery fee is 3.59 €. Shipping costs may vary depending on the item's parameters, sizes, weight and region or country of delivery. Shipping charges may be changed or cancelled upon prior agreement with the customer after placing the order. Shipping costs are determined by StickerShopNET.

Shipping costs include:

  • Envelope or packaging;
  • Stamps or markings;
  • Packing;
  • Exceeded weight (g);
  • Delivery of envelopes or packages to the carrier;
  • Shipment registration expenses (applies to registered letters, small packages, parcels, bands and shipments over 250g).

Carrier, shipment method and time of delivery

The goods are delivered through AS LATVIJAS PASTS or through SIA OMNIVA parcel machine. Shipping by AS LATVIJAS PASTS takes within 2-3 working days after the shipment is confirmed and sent from StickerShopNET. Shiping with SIA OMNIVA takes 1-2 business days after shipment is confirmed and shipped from StickerShopNET. Receiving in the office is possible within 1 working day after the "made" status change in the system. In some cases delivery times may be changed with prior approval from the customer.

Time of delivery and production

The order will be handed over to the carrier for delivery within 5 to 10 business days of receipt of payment (term of manufacturing the goods may be changed depending on the total volume of orders and workload).

Orders are accepted from Monday to Sunday, and orders are processed and shipped on Friday or Saturday of each week, depending on the quantity and volume of orders.

IN THE SEASON From 01.05 to 31.09 order processing and production can be delayed due to seasonal volume increase.

Usually, the carrier delivers the order within a few days of receipt from StickerShopNET, however delivery may be delayed due to inconvenient weather conditions, heavy downtime, system error, or incorrect recipient data. If the order is not delivered within 5 working days in Latvia and within 10 - 15 working days outside Latvia, please inform us by phone +371 24004400 or e-mail [email protected]

  • This term does not apply to special orders for which the delivery time is agreed separately by the parties

OMNIVAS parcel machines in Latvia

You can find the addresses of your nearest ATM here.

With OMNIVA parcel machine agency we can only deliver purchases that meet the following terms:

S size - minimum sizes are 9 cm (width) x 14 cm (length) and maximum sizes are 9 cm (height) x 38 cm (width) x 64 cm (length) but the actual weight does not exceed 30 kg.

M size - maximum sizes are 19 cm (height) x 38 cm (width) x 64 cm (length) but the actual weight does not exceed 30 kg.

L size - maximum sizes are 39 cm (height) x 38 cm (width) x 64 cm (length) but the actual weight does not exceed 30 kg.

When the shipment arrives at the chosen address you will receive an informative SMS with further instructions.

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