Frequently asked questions

add What is Stickershop.net?

This project was created and launched in early 2010 as StickerShopLV. The main goal of StickerShopLV is to offer and popularize the newest most popular and highest quality products in its field. StickerShopNET was created in late 2018 to offer and popularize StickerShopLV products to a wider audience outside Latvia.

We are specialized in the design and production of car stickers in various techniques, but as we are constantly evolving, we also offer all types of clothing prints. You will find the full range of labels, prints and other products in our catalogue. Keeping in mind the wishes of our customers over the years, we have developed our most popular and unique product      ‘’builder’’ that allows you to create your own design product with unlimited possibilities.

Despite of that our main business is car stickers, we also provide a full range of high quality digital large format printing solutions for indoor and outdoor environments such as large format sticker printing and plotter cutting, sticker lamination, PVC banner production, shop window sticker production, poster manufacturing, poster printing, paper printing and post-treatment.

Not only several thousands of loyal customers but also companies of various branches, non-governmental organizations, associations, schools, as well as various types of advertising media and event agencies trust to produce their own labels and other products.

add Why to apply or wrap?

Regular sticking is no longer exclusive, but sticking with quality and style is a new level. Nowadays, most companies, athletes and sticker fans choose to stick their cars, motorcycles and other vehicles directly. Nowadays it is possible to apply not only transport but also any other equipment, parts and surfaces such as laptops, telephones, walls, glass, etc. If you're looking for something extraordinary and unique in your environment and if you want to stand out among those around you then StickerShopNET labels and adhesives are for YOU! For someone your sticker may improve the mood for the rest of the day.

Tired of the everyday and gray look of a car, motorcycle or something else? Stick a colorful sticker on your car and make your car more attractive and visible to others.

You want to express your opinion, stick a label with some text so everyone can see what you think. Be creative and choose your style.

Be unique and order your own sticker design, just for your car, motorcycle or anything else.

add Where can you apply to?

Practically anything with a straight, slightly curved or curved surface. Today's wide range of adhesive films provide a variety of applications for a variety of surfaces and surface structures. A different type of adhesive film is provided for each surface and for each application. Of course, there are also exceptions of surfaces that cannot be applied with stickers or adhesives.

The stickers from our catalogue are primarily designed to be applied not only to car body or glass, but also to various plastic parts, laptops, simple curved surfaces, walls, glass, shop windows and more.

By contacting us via email: [email protected]  our experts will explain and advise you on the most suitable adhesive film for your application.

add What are the sizes of the stickers and delivery time?

The minimum size of the stickers in the catalogue is 100mm (ten centimeters), the maximum size is 3000mm (three meters). If you are interested in purchasing smaller or larger stickers, please contact us via email: [email protected]

The order of the goods is transferred to the carrier for delivery within 3-5 working days of receipt of payment (the term of production of the goods may be changed depending on the total amount of orders and workload).

Orders are accepted from Monday to Sunday, and orders are processed and shipped on Friday or Saturday of each week, depending on the quantity and amount of orders.

For more information on delivery times see Shipping

add What are the differences of adhesive film?

The adhesive film variety is very wide with different properties, application environment and type. For making relatively small labels on straight, slightly curved and curved surfaces we recommend using the adhesive film found in StickerShopNET catalogue.

Special vinyl films are used for car, motorcycle with air ducts, slightly curved or much more curved surfaces.

Stickerbomb and design adhesive film is a vinyl adhesive (white glossy or matt) that is intended for car or other surface applications. Slightly deforms and stretches when heated, but is not intended for much more curved surfaces because the printed image extends to the film and is deformed. We recommend applying the sheets on flat or slightly curved surfaces so that no problems will occur and the desired effect will be achieved.

add Can I create my own sticker?

StickerShopNET has created a unique place where anyone can create their own unique designs from ready-made samples and designs or upload their own designs. You can create stickers and other products here.

If you've overrated your abilities the StickerShopNET team is always ready to help and solve any issues you may have or to create a design on request. Of course you should keep in mind that design creation is faster and specially optimized for easy labels and other product development in the DESIGN section. In order not to overload StickerShopNET work please evaluate your abilities.

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